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Posted: 11.09.2010 in Daily Log
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Sleep: 7.75

Waking Pulse: 48

Work Out: L-Pushups, Pistols

Breakfast: 3xEggs, 3xBacon

Lunch: Oysters, Bag o’ Veg

Dinner: Homemade Soup

Snacks: 4xtbsp Almond Butter, Banana, 2xSausage




Posted: 06.24.2010 in Daily Log
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Sleep: 8.25

Waking Pulse: 53

Workout: 21-15-9 of pushups w/ feet up on the wall & 3×5 pistols (each leg) & #barefoot neighborhood run (added a block)

Breakfast: hard boiled egg, fresh raspberries w/ whipped cream, 1 tbsp almond butter

Lunch: chicken breast (6 oz), .5 cup broccoli, salad, kiwi

Dinner: meatloaf (lots… 8oz?), salad w/ olive oil & balsamic, cucumber, tomatoes

Snack: banana & almond butter, cheddar cheese (20z)

Comments: Took a short barefoot walk w/ Allie in backpack to the library & around town a few blocks