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Posted: 10.11.2010 in Daily Log
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Sleep: 7.5

Waking Pulse: 52

Work Out: 3 rds of 1.5min Burpees & 1.5 mins Walking Lunge

Breakfast: 3 Egg Omelet w/ Mushrooms & Onions

Lunch: .5 Acorn Squash w/ Cinnamon & Butter, 3ish oz Deli Turkey, Cauliflower/Broccoli/Bell Pepper

Dinner: 2xPortabella Mushroom, Pesto, Mozzarella, Deli Ham, 1T Almond Butter




Sleep: 7.25

Waking Pulse: 52

Work Out: PBF WOW: Merry-Go-Round: 2mi for time of 26:26 w/ 1.5min rds of Sprint, Walking Lunge, Broad Jump, Walk

Breakfast: 3xEggs, 2xSausage

Lunch: Cafe Yumm! Hot n Spicy Bowl, .25C Almond/Walnut

Dinner: Pork Chow Mein (minus noodles), Fried Rice, Mar Far Chicken

Snacks: 1T Peanut Butter



Posted: 09.07.2010 in Daily Log
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Sleep: 7

Waking Pulse: 56

Work Out: 50 Burpees, 50 Walking Lunges

Breakfast: Protein Shake

Lunch: Chicken, Lettuce, Carrot, Balsamic

Dinner: London Broil (4oz), Sweet Potato, Peanuts… yes, dinner at Road House



Sleep: 6

Waking Pulse: ?

Work Out: Scaled #PBF WOW “Grok Rock”: 6 rds in 15:07 of 50 yd Sprint, 25yd Bear Crawl, 25yd Walking Lunge, 50yd Squat Leap

Breakfast: 3xEggs, 2xSausage

Lunch: Homemade Vegetable Soup, 4oz Turkey Pastrami, 1cup Cantaloupe, Tangerine

Dinner: 2xHamburger Patty (6-ish oz), 1.5oz Cheddar, Mustard, Salad, Balsamic

Snacks: Banana, Almond Butter, Strawberries, Blackberries, Whipped Cream


Sleep: 8.0

Waking Pulse: 57

Work Out: WOD=Core Bootcamp w/ Sasha! Kettlebells, dumbells, medicine ball, pushups, obstacle course, hula hoop, 50 yds walking lunge, & ton of situps

Breakfast: Greek Yogurt (1cup) & Blueberries

Lunch: Green Salad, EVOO, Balsamic, Smoked Oysters, 2 small handful of Almonds/Walnuts

Dinner: Taco Salad w/ turkey burger, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, avocados, cilantro, cheddar, salsa

Snacks: .25 C Greek Yogurt, 2 Strawberries, .4C Blueberries, 1tsp Almond Butter, Red Wine, Dark Chocolate (I had the munchies, I guess)



Posted: 07.13.2010 in Crossfit, Daily Log
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Sleep: 7.25

Waking Pulse: 45

Work Out: 14:01 to complete:

Walking lunge 100 ft.
21 Pull-ups
21 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
18 Pull-ups
18 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
15 Pull-ups
15 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
12 Pull-ups
12 Sit-ups
Walking lunge 100 ft.
9 Pull-ups
9 Sit-ups
Walking Lunge 100 ft.
6 Pull-ups
6 Sit-ups

Breakfast: 3x eggs, 3x bacon

Lunch: Bratwurst, salad w/ balsamic & EVOO, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, kiwi

Dinner: Taco Salad (fresh greens, ground turkey, onion, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, avocado, green salsa), kale

Snacks: .3 cup Strawberries, .3 cup raspberries, 3 tbsp whipped cream, Wolf Margarita 😀



Posted: 06.21.2010 in Daily Log
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Sleep: 6.75

Waking Pulse: 49

Work Out: 3 rds in 9mins of

  • 50′ Walking Lunge
  • 21 burpees

Breakfast: 3x scrambled eggs w/ .5 cup spinach

Lunch: Fail-eo! Pizza buffet… but I hit it hard!



Comments: knees have been bugging me again